Kitana - High aggregate
Trish and Kitana take High Aggregate

Obedience - Basic to Advanced Titles

Triann Shepherds offers a variety of training options that include in house training, private, semi-private and group lessons as well as a drop in club. We are able to provide training for every need from the basic sit, stay and heel to the advanced levels of training required to earn CKC and AKC obedience titles. We would be happy to discuss your training needs and help you choose the best option for you and your dog.

Protection Training

Mayhem - Attack over high jump

Personal Protection Training

Personal protection training starts with an assesment of your dogs temperament. Because of the nature of this training all dogs must have a high level of obedience before beginning protection work. Teaching your dog protection the right way will leave you with a sensible steady family member who can take care of your guarding needs. Triann Shepherds does on occassion offer fully trained protection dogs for sale.

graduating class
Graduating Class Civilian Security Team

Civilian Security Dog Team Training

Triann Shepherds offers government certified training for professional civilian security teams. Our course is approved by both the RCMP and the Vancouver City Police. Our four week course is designed for security professionals and gives in-depth coverage to basic through advanced dog handling skills, understanding the k-9 mind, patrol work and protection. We emphasize strong obedience skills, control and safe dog handling techniques through-out. Our dogs go through rigorous testing for both mental and physical fitness before being chosen for security work. Final evaluation and validation for each handler and dog team is provided by the head of the RCMP dog squad, staff sergeant T.A. Haworth.

on set of "the Duke"
On the movie set of "The Duke"

Movie Acting Classes

Because movie work is such a big part of what we do, we have decided to offer classes that cover the specific needs of the movie business. You and your dog will be taught the skills that you need to have in order to work in this demanding industry. Your dog will learn how to hit a mark, work with hand signals, "go with" the actor while still listening to the handler. In addition we will help proof your pet to the hustle and bustle of the movie set. Because the skills and tricks will differ from animal to animal we only offer K-9 acting training one on one.

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