Triann German Shepherds

Owner Requirements

  1. All people living in the home must want a dog and be prepared for the extra work and responsibility of owning a large dog.
  2. You must own your home or have permission (in writing) from your landlord to own a dog. Think about your plans for the future, dogs are not furniture to be sold or placed should you decide you prefer living in a condo or move to New Zealand, or don't have time as you have a new baby.
  3. You must have a fenced yard.
  4. You must be willing to attend obedience classes with your puppy.
  5. You must be committed to the financial responsibility of looking after your dog. Dogs can be expensive, you not only have food, equipment, training, and toys but also should your dog become sick or injured - vet bills. We believe that if you can't afford to take care of your dog if it becomes sick you can't afford to own an animal.
  6. We require that all puppies have their hips and elbows radiographed at 2 years of age and those radiographs submitted to the OFA. A copy of the OFA report must be given to Triann Shepherds.
  7. Puppies sold as Show and /or breeding stock are sold on a non-breeding contract (in Canada) and on co-ownership (United States). The puppy must recieve OFA Certifiation and have earned to titles (either show or working) before having these restrictions lifted.