Tanna Select Ch. Tanna 2nd
SG1 Select Ch. Tanna 2nd CGC, TT, HIC
OFA Hips and Elbows
Ch. Trianns Wofgang CD, HIC, CGC, TT (OFA) X Ch. Armanno's Fera II

Tanna exemplifies true German Shepherd type. Her flawless conformation and far-reaching movement have won her many awards under both All breed and Specialty judges in the CKC ring and high ratings under the critical eyes of the German judges in the Sieger show arena.

Sadie Ch. All American Triann
Ch. All American Triann CD, CGC, HIC, TT
OFA GS-38701G24F-T GS-EL3527-T
Ch. Von Saar's Logo (OFA) X Ch. Triann's Raphael CD (OFA)
Sadie is a really sweet, happy go lucky girl with an outstanding temperament. She is wonderful with all animals, even cats and loves children. Perhaps surprisingly she is shows very strong protection drives and works well in protection. Sadie has been a good producer for our kennel throwing, size, strong bone and good movement.

Ch.Triann's Whirlwind
Ch. Triann's Whirlwind CGC, HIC TT
OFA GS-41676G31-T GS-EL4484-T
Ch. Echowoods Winter Breeze X
Triann's Fools Gold (OFA good)
Windy is a truly outstanding bitch with incredible topline, correctly placed shoulder, deep chest and strong bone. She is everything I want in a female, in addition to her wonderful conformation she has a bubbly upbeat personality. She has consistently produced her own temperment in her puppies, and gifts them also with strong bone and movement.

Triann's Current Affair
Triann's Current Affair (pts) CD, CGC, HIC, B, TT
OFA GS-50405G25F-T, GS-EL7601-T
Ch. Triann's Formal Affair GCG, HIC (OFA good)
X SG-1 Select Ch. Tanna 2nd CGC, HIC, TT (OFA fair)
My daughters best friend Kitana has a sweet willing temperament. She excels at obedience and herding. Conformation wise she is more the old style with stocky build and strong bone. Like her father, she has strong balance movement with extreme reach and drive.

MontiTriann's Monagram
picture winning Best Puppy in Show at 6 months
Triann's Monagram (pts) GCG, HIC, TT
GS-39962G25F-T GS-EL3930-T
Ch. Von Saar's Logo (OFA) X Woodsides Ilana (ptd)
Monie is an outstanding young bitch with correct type and strong movement. As an adult she matured into a substantantial, well bodied, old type female with strong, effortless movement.

Amber soldAmber
Ex Triann's Excellent Commodity
prelimned Good to Excellent
Ch. Triann's Formal Affair CGC, HIC, TT (OFA good) X Silverhill's Margo (OFA excellent)

Amber is a product of six OFA excellent ancestors in the first three generations conbined with her sweet attitude and far-reaching movement we have high hopes for her show career and future progeny. Watch for her in the ring in 2000.

IvyFalkrigia's Ivy League
Ch. Falkrigia's Ivy League CGC, HIC
OFA GS-31607E25F-T (excellent), GS-EL2208-T
Ch. Glenman's Ambush of Falkrigia CD, CGC, HIC, TT (OFA excellent) X Van Cleve's Yardley Falkrigia CD, CGC (OFA excellent)
Ivy is a flashy, fiesty lady with strong drives and a natural instinct for protection. This showy female has balanced, effortless and far reaching movement.

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