MayhemClassique's Mayhem of Triann
Mayhem - Best Puppy in Group Mayhem dressed up What does a wet Briard look like?
Classique's Mayhem of Triann (PTD)CD, B,CGC, HIC, TT
OFA FB-1014G24M, FB-EL69

Ch. Grinzing's Inspecteur de Foxlair X
Ch. Classique Just Rewards de Mielleux HT, HC, CGC, TT

With over 5 generations of solid champions, Mayhems pedigree is unparallelled. Well on his way to his own championship he has already had some impressive wins include a best puppy in group. He has proven a wonderul dog to train learning new things easily. This ability has seen him earn his CD and B titles easily and insures that he gets frequent call backs from the movie industry. Mayhem has appeared in "Air Bud", "I'll be home for Christmas" with Johnathan Taylor Thomas, the "Adams Family" where he played "Them" Cousin It's dog, Cold feet the series as well as many commercials such as Febreeze, Mac's Milk and Petsmart. He is the best dog I have every owned, actually the best guy I've every lived with - has a good job, earns good money, comes home every night and if he ever decides to leave me I'm pretty sure he won't take half the house.

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