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At Triann Shepherds we strive to breed German Shepherds with strong working ethics and drive, correct structure and effortless movement. We feel strongly that the most important qualities are health, temperament and longevity, without which we have nothing.

In order to achieve this we have been breeding German bred dogs to American

bred dogs. This retains the stocky, well muscled build and nature of the German bloodlines with the better toplines and movement of the American dogs. We believe by combining these lines we produce the best of both worlds.

We feel that hip dysplasia is one of the most debilitating problems in this breed and our aim is to help erradicate this genetic defect. At Triann Shepherds we have always bred only O.F.A. (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) certified dogs. Beginning in 1995 we further restricted our breeding pool to those dogs rated O.F.A. good or excellent only. These dogs must come from litters in which the littermates are either good or excellent. As suggested by the O.F.A. we make our decision on using an animal for breeding purposes based not only on its hip ratings but also the hip ratings of its siblings and other close relatives.
While many breeders claim to be attempting to breed out this problem you will see our claims backed up with certification numbers in the following pages. We believe that being open and honest about the health issues concerning the German Shepherd is the only way to improve the breed. We are the only German Shepherd kennel, to our knowledge, that can boast pedigrees with six O.F.A. excellent dogs in the first three generations.

I think you will find when looking through our site that our dogs are very important to us, not only as show and obedience competitors but also as active participants in our everyday lives.
Bonnie Judd

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